Long lasting, foam-free fill with a 30-45 day shelf life

The Pegas CrafTap 3.0 is an advanced pressurized filling device, designed with the technology to fill both glass and plastic growlers. It focuses on safety through the entire usage and is redesigned for operational convenience, higher reliability, and lower maintenance.


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No foam
No mess

Because of the advanced pressurized filling system, CrafTap 3.0 produces a long lasting, foam-free fill. It’s easy to operate and creates less than 2% waste.

92% of people
prefer CrafTap

In an independent survey conducted by The Growler Station, of those surveyed, 92% of them prefer the taste of beer in growlers filled with the Pegas CrafTap vs. from a regular beer tap, as early as 4 days after being filled.

Estimated ROI
2.5 months

Longer freshness
30-45 day shelf life

Oxygen purged
before fill

Fills different sized growlers

98% Keg yield – Less than 2% waste

Increase profits up to 33% per keg


New CrafTap 3.0 Features:

  • Improved pressure release valve
  • Improved door latch
  • Newly tooled plastic body
  • Metal frame connects top to base
  • Insulated beer line enclosure
  • Backlit POP area on back of unit
  • Improved bottle raising platform

Manifold Options:

Connect up to 4 or 6 lines of beer to each CrafTap
4 + 1
6 + 1

Filling Growlers-CrafTap vs. Regular Tap

CrafTap Smart Regular Tap
Estimated waste per keg Less than 2% 25% - 35%
Estimated qty. of growlers (per half barrel keg) 31 21
Estimated shelf life after fill 30 - 45 days 2 days
Oxygen purged from bottle Yes No
Fills from bottom of the growler Yes No
Fills different sizes of growlers Yes Yes
Allows pre-fill before sale (where allowed by state) Yes No
Better customer experience Yes No

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