GS Express

Store In Store Express Stations powered by The Growler Station

Self-contained, refrigerated, turnkey, store-in-store kiosk solutions for retail locations

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Accommodates to the space you have

Prefabricated walls with baseboards and trim, adjustable to accommodate space availability. Expandable front counter with multiple finish option. Sink and storage cabinet, expandable to accommodate fixture and storage needs.

No mixing beer flavors

The gas valve is used to purge remaining beer from the manifold after a growler fill, pushing the remaining beer from the manifold into the growler. This process eliminates any mixing of beer flavors when selecting a new beer for a new growler fill, and eliminates waste by pushing the beer into the growler.

Prefabricated – Delivered – Installed


With or without front counter

Economy Plus

Added back surround wall


With merchandising

Full Store-in-Store

All inclusive, most impressive

Refrigerated, self-contained counter pressure growler filling station

In-store digital menu system powered by The Growler Station® Digital Eco-System

Beer Wizard iPad station powered by The Growler Station Digital Eco-System

Adjustable options to accommodate space availability

National installation and service partners around the country

Volume buying rates for all growlers and bottles