32 and 64 oz. Bottles

The PET Growler comes in both 32 oz. and 64 oz. varieties to conveniently match your customers’ preferences. Both sizes come in an easy-to-pour shape that unmistakably pays homage to classic growler styles.


Amber Colored

The darker coloring with UV inhibitors put in during the molding process of the growler protects the beer inside from excess light and UV exposure, factors which generally tend to break down the beers’ integrity when coming in contact with one another.


Capped Freshness

The cap seals the growler to not only prevent beer spillage, but also to guarantee that your beer stays fresh. When counter pressure filled, the cap seals in the freshness and seals out the oxygen. The combination of such factors will result in a superior tasting growler.


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Reusable and recyclable bottling is a major benefit of PET Growlers. After purchasing the PET Growler, you can take it back to your local Growler Station and get up to 30 refills on that same bottle. Make sure to wash your bottle after each use, and you’re guaranteed to enjoy each fill to the fullest.