What is a Growler?

When asked that question, you may not think there is a right or wrong answer, but for us, we think there is only one answer. A growler to us isn’t just that jug you see familiarly at every store you go into these days; it’s a blessing to the craft beer industry- the next big thing, the best way to ensure the fresh-from-the-brewery taste you have always been looking for in your Craft Beer. Obtained through the use of Pegas counter pressure filling equipment, your beer will see freshness lasting for 30-45 days, and even on the 45th day, we can guarantee that your beer will taste just as fresh as it would’ve on the 1st  day, right off the tap of your favorite pub or brewery.

Where did it all begin for us here at the Growler Station? Interestingly enough, it began just 5 short years ago in the small state of Connecticut when two brew pub owners saw an opportunity to tap into this breakthrough industry before it was too late. Upon the installation of Growler technology in their pubs as a means of testing, so to speak, they quickly found out how opportunistic this concept really was. Right then was when a couple of savvy marketers with an impressive track record in this respective industry came into the picture to collaboratively bring this concept to life in a not-so-traditional manner. Learn more about the history of the growler →


So it began

Did you know that in our infancy stages, we were behind by about 16,000 beer-to-go stores already existing in Eastern Europe? I know, we couldn’t believe it either. In the land of vodka, they came up with this idea before we did. This only made it absolutely necessary to see these numbers in America, and we surely wanted to be the ones to do it. Just like that, our partnership with NPM, a Russian manufacturing group responsible for the Pegas equipment, was formed. The Growler Station was born, and the four friends, a pack of opportunistic entrepreneurs, were joined at the sip. Now they’re stuck together.

Where we started

As with any company, especially in this industry, you have to start somewhere. Where we started was with an idea that quickly turned into a vision, which now serves as a complete turnkey solution through the products, processes and concepts used, in line with the right team to amp it up. With our first store opening in New York City back in early 2012, we now are stationed across the map with over 150 independently owned operations, and never-ending plans and opportunities to continue to grow.


Looking forward

Using superior counter pressure filling equipment, which travels across the sea from our partners in Russia to get here, we have adapted ourselves into being complete solution providers through the processes. From breweries to retail stores to convenience stores and anything in between, we have high hopes for what’s to come as the emergence of the craft beer industry and enhanced product offerings are rolling out and adding to our ammo.